The best way to begin writing is to start. And we’ve made starting easy

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Let’s start with your story

Begin with your first story on page one. We’ve got tools and inspiration (if you need them).

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Create a book

Once you’ve written or collected stories, publishing a book is a few clicks (and a few design decisions) away.

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Write a book with others

Join together with other authors to create volumes of your stories, collections of your writing.

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Need any help? We’ve got you covered.

How does work?

We keep things simple so you can start writing right away. Create an account, write stories, and collect them to create a book. The layout and length of the stories are all the same, so you don’t have to worry about formats – just the stories.

How do I create a book?

All you need is a account, a dash of creativity and a passion for storytelling. Register on the platform and start writing with our text editor. Once you’ve written 12-17 stories or chapters, choose a title and cover image and you’re ready to publish your book.

Can I write and publish in different languages?

Yes. Using you can write in the language you feel most comfortable with. If you’re happy writing in several languages, all good – you can also publish your book in different languages. We want to make publishing and books accessible for everyone across the world.

Who writes on

Everyone and anyone. We’ve had best-selling authors, newcomers, writers from all around the world and all backgrounds. There are no barriers to joining, writing or publishing through

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